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Fumé dial: came back from the dead to dominate modern trends

  • Tuesday, 24 August 2021
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What dose Fumé dial mean?  A watch dial that goes from lighter to darker, or darker to lighter, from the center. Also sometimes called “smoked”, “faded”, or “fumé” dial.

When were the first fumé dial watches created?  The first dial with a fumé or ombré finish was introduced in the 1970s and they were quite popular at the time.  Today, watchmakers incorporate this feature on the watches of nowadays.  The smooth, airbrushed look of a color gradation on the dial has become a modern-day hit. The exquisite and elegant, delicate gradient colors, mixed with different materials and different styles, can always deduce the courageous and elegant charm.

Despite its complicated craftsmanship, gezfeel has a wealth of experience in making Fumé dials. If you want to OEM a watch with smoked dial, Gezfeel watch company will be one of the best choice.

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