Do not you want a Wooden Watches? Gezfeel Watches enhance your charm instantly

Gezfeel Watches offers Wooden Watches enthusiasts a stylish, affordable and eco-friendly watch that expresses their unique ideas.

Instead of a cold metal shell, they use a maple material that has been recycled and reused twice. This material is characterized by its good decomposability, sustainability and low irritation, as well as a significant reduction in the carbon footprint left in production, transport and use.

These watches made from light wood are the same in every detail as the other watches.

On the 46 mm surface, there is a solid, bezel with a pinion notch that gives the dial a better grip texture. Dial outer ring marked with obvious 1,5 and 10 minutes three scales, and dial the inner circle by triangles, squares and circles and other simple graphics to inform the time, and equipped with a one-way automatic operation of the movement. The golden knob, mounted on the right side of the dial, can be used to adjust the time.
Gezfeel Brand Wood Watches

Gezfeel Brand Wood Watches

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